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AMC's N0S4A2 was an incredibly unique project to work on as a 3D animator at BigStar. For the promo we designed multiple vignettes of nightmarish elements that would take the viewer further down into the terror. This dream is bookended by shot of the black hearse also known as the Wraith, screaming through the forest. I create a forest road layout including all of the trees in Cinema 4D. I also made the road material frozen over with black ice and all of the snow particles flying past the camera. I then animated the wraith aggressively speeding up to the camera, and then charging straight through it. This scene was rendered in Octane.

I Also got to texture and animate the gas mask including the particle mist the bursts out of it. For this effect i used a combination of X-particles in C4D as well as fog Volumes in Houdini. Everything was then made much more intense with the spinning and flashing lights that are the backbone of the dizzying nightmare.

I also animated the following shot where we see candy-canes tumbling toward the camera and shattering to pieces. For this shot I used a detailed voronoi fracture as well as X-particles to break the candy-canes apart.

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