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I am so proud to be able to share this trailer for Born In The Abyss. I have been working on this short film in my spare time since 2018. This film has pushed me beyond my limits in terms of my creative thinking, and technical skill level.

Born In The Abyss is inspired by the quote by Nietzche, "And as you gaze long into the abyss, The abyss gazes back into you." In this film I want to explore the relationship between the abyss and the one staring into it. Can the abyss, a place of pure emptiness, also be a place where one finds meaning. If that is the case then what implications does that have four our existence. In a world where we have to constantly grapple with the churning paradox of existence, ever growing within the darkness of our minds; Maybe within the abyss, we can finally reach truth and reconciliation.

I am using Cinema 4D as my main 3D application for creating this film. I also use 3D Coat to sculpt characters. For simulations, and other various effects and procedural modeling I use Houdini and then transfer geometry back to Cinema 4D with alembic files. This film is textured, lit, and rendered with redshift.

The music is by Architects. It is the introduction to their album, Holy Hell.

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