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For this self directed project, I wanted to design a logo that was clean and readable but still unique. I was also mindful of the types of animations that would or would not be possible depending on the design. I began exploring all sorts of type faces. Some with serifs, some without, some handwritten, and others more machine made. I also experimented with spacing layouts such as squished together, or very wide apart. I was very drawn to this striped font. It has the clean legibility that I was after as well as a nice assembly of details and interesting shapes that create all sorts of opportunities for motion.


After settling on a design, I dove into the animation process. I began by researching all sorts of organic vector patterns such as Gray-Scott Reaction Diffusion, poly folding, and differential growth systems. I decided to implement a point grouping system called space colonization. This system grows beautiful spider-like webs. Once the system was built, I dialed in the values to achieve the correct size and rate of growth. With the foundation for the motion established, I wanted to add in curling and twisting motion to it so it wouldn't be such a linear growth. To achieve that, I calculated an age attribute, that I could use as a mask for a post-advection loop. I chose to go with advection as apposed to displacement, as advection is a somewhat recursive technique. That means it can build upon itself and create fore more complex and organic shapes than displacement. At that point, I had a very organic motion that i can only really describe as fiery gum. I used Redshift to render it, and decided to go with a somewhat extreme material that would push the color vibrance to it's limits. I wanted to texture it that way because I really love how at such an extreme, all of the reflections and shadows become cosmic and crystal like. I am incredibly satisfied with the result. I think this animation encapsulates all the chaos and beauty that I strive to reach in all of my work.

skillset banner.png
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