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I had the great opportunity to work on The Purge TV series promo as a staff animator and 3D generalist at BigStar in New York. Our goal was to create several promos that would draw on some of the main theme elements from show to build excitement surrounding the launch of this new series.

This project was done by a team of very talented artists with different specialties. It was an absolute pleasure be a part of that team and learn and grow from this experience. As a 3D generalist, I animated and textured a variety of the scenes. I also came up with a very flexible texturing technique that would allow us to place and animate a molten hot liquid material post render. This gave us the ability to be very precise and it allowed the director to dial in the narrative progression of a monumental icon melting down into a terrifying new regime.

I used Cinema 4D for animation and I used Octane to texture, light, and render.

purge emblem melt
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