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I worked with BigStar to create this film leader for Macrocosm Entertainment. Our creative process for this project was very fulfilling for me. I started the process by presenting two quick motion tests to the creative director. Those tests created a groundwork for us to build our concepts on.

I especially loved creating the style frames for each concept. For one style I used more sophisticated techniques with Houdini, and with others I presented a more simplified and elegant approach.

I was thrilled by the client's excitement after presenting style frames. As we moved into production, animation was a fun challenge to tackle. The camera angles and compositions of the style frames were so different, I wouldn't be able to simply animate from one to the next and tell the story. I instead created an animation that was informed by my original motion tests, but stayed true to the style boards that the client loved. It was a fine line to walk with a really good back and forth between myself and the creative director. In the end we had made a really terrific film leader for Macrocosm.

Made with Houdini, Cinema 4D, and rendered in Redshift