As a 3D animator at BigStar, I had the chance to animate these two spots for History's Car Week series. We pitched them an intense animation of their logo transforming piece by piece into a Camaro. They loved the spot so much that they requested we do four more transformations into other classic cars. I was given the reigns on the Ford F150 and the Plymouth Barracuda. In order to make these feel like the entire car was packed into the History logo, I had spend days kitbashing and doing detailed animations in Cinema 4D. I also needed to carefully texture each piece so it would pop off the screen. I did the texturing, lighting, and rendering in Octane.

skillset banner.png

These spots are some of the most fun animations I've gotten to do. So I was thrilled that History liked these animations so much that they wanted to continue this kind of style to give character to more of their programming. We created another set of animations transforming and revealing their logo to allude to the rest of their programming. I animated a suit of armor wrapping around the History logo before transforming into a knight's helmet, as well as History logo being unearthed from deep underground. I rendered both of these spots in Octane. Some of the techniques I used included cloth sims, rigid body dynamics sims, and mesh warping.